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Building & Construction in The Bahamas


In the Bahamas there is no legislation to regulate and govern the activities of the construction industry or to protect the developer from immoral contractors. Therefore, finding the right contractor for your project may be tougher than actually finishing it. The Bahamas Contractors Association and CGT Contractors both continually strive to improve methods of construction, specializing in residential, commercial, development and industrial projects. Both companies also vow to finish their work with time and cost efficiency in mind. The Government of the Bahamas also provides lists of approved electrical, mechanical, plumbing and structural contractors.

Building Permits

In order to build in the Bahamas you must obtain legal authorization in the form of a Building Permit through the Ministry of Public Works (fee: $10).

During the building process, the Ministry of Works carries out certain stage inspections to monitor construction and when the building process is finished, a Notice of Completion must be filled out with the government. An example of the typical building permit approval process and an extensive guide to permit prices can be found on the links that follow.

Costs for Building Permits

Approval Process


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