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Schools in The Bahamas

There are 210 primary and secondary schools with 158 of them being fully operated by the Government of the Bahamas and the remaining 52 being independently or privately operated. According to the Bahamas government approximately 24 per cent of the national budget is allocated to education.

No tuition is required at government schools but the quality of the education is not on par with private schools. Nearly 66,000 students enroll in Bahamian schools. All Bahamian schools require students to wear a uniform.

The Bahamas boasts a literacy rate of 95% with over 3,000 teachers and instructors, averaging 1 teacher for every 16 to 25 students in private schools and 20 to 30 students in public schools. Standard courses vary among schools but include math, English, the sciences, religious studies, literature, history, French and Spanish, geography, economics, social studies and physical education.

Children may enter school as early as age 3 at nursery level or age 4 at kindergarten and continue through high school to grade 12. In the Bahamas school attendance is mandatory for ages 5 to 16.

The Bahamas follows the British educational system. The national exam is the Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education - based on the British equivalent.

Top private schools in Nassau:

St. Andrews School

Lyford Cay School

Tambearly School

Queen's College

Kingsway Academy

College Level Education

The College of the Bahamas, established in 1974 in New Providence, has many campuses throughout the Bahamas and has become a 4-year institution as opposed to a 2-year, offering certificates and diplomas in addition to associate and bachelors degrees for graduates.

Other government-funded universities in The Bahamas that offer higher education courses include the University of the West Indies, the Bahamas Hotel Training College and the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute.

The University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University also offer 2-year degree programs in the Bahamas with classes held on weekends and evenings in Nassau.

The College of the Bahamas


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