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Motor Vehicles in The Bahamas

Getting Your Vehicle Registered

All vehicles in the Bahamas must be licensed and insured in accordance with the Bahamas Road Traffic Act.

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicles must be inspected at the Road Traffic Dept. before they can be licensed (fee: $25). Private vehicles are inspected each year and public vehicles twice a year. A certificate of insurance is required.

Vehicle Licensing

At the time of inspection the vehicle can also be licensed. Fees range from $75 to $360 depending on the vehicle's size.

Obtaining A Driver's License

Applicant's must be 17 or older to hold a Bahamian driver's license. First-time applicants must obtain a learner's permit ($10 cost) and then pass a two-part oral/driving test when they feel ready to drive unaccompanied.

If you hold a valid license issued in another country you may present it and apply to the Road Traffic Department for a Bahamian license ($15 annual fee).

Utilizing A Foreign License

Visitors may drive on a valid foreign license for up to three months. Expatriates are expected to obtain a Bahamian driver's license if they are planning to work in the Bahamas.

Vehicle Insurance

Insurance costs vary depending on several criteria including the age and driving experience of the driver, accident history, age and type of vehicle, and several other factors. The minimum coverage required by law is road "act" coverage, which covers the insured person's liability in an accident for any person other than passengers in the insured's vehicle.

Obtaining A Vehicle

The islands of the Bahamas has dozens of car dealerships and rental offices that make purchasing, leasing, financing or renting a car easy and affordable.

Rental agencies with offices in the Bahamas include Hertz, Avis, Budget, Dollar, R E Car Rental, Econo, A+ Signature, Island Jeep & Car, Airport Car Rentals, KSR Rent-a-Car and many more.

There are several certified dealerships that sell, lease and finance new and used vehicles of virtually all models and makes. Costs are somewhat higher than vehicles purchased in the US due to import duties.

Importing A Vehicle

If you plan to import a car to the Bahamas it should be insured before it leaves the dock. If coming from a right-hand drive country the headlights will need to be adjusted to dip left. Upon arrival the vehicle must be taken directly to the Road Traffic Dept. for inspection and licensing.

On imported vehicles custom duties apply at a rate of 35% or higher. Duties on a vehicle priced at $10,000 or less is 45%, vehicles priced from $10,000 to $20,000 is 50%, vehicles priced from $20,000 to $25,000 is 65% and vehicles priced over $25,000 is 75%.


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